Manufacturer and supplier of the most durable hydraulic swivel products in the world

Manufacturer and supplier of the most durable hydraulic swivel products in the world

As the manufacturer of the world’s most durable swivel connectors, we stand at the forefront of the global hydraulic industry. Our groundbreaking technology elevates equipment reliability, setting us apart as the preferred supplier for industry partners worldwide.

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Renowned as the sturdiest on the market, Taimi’s hydraulic swivel fittings and joints are being chosen by some of the largest machinery manufacturers worldwide. Taimi’s innovative designs, featuring patented ball-less swivels and the unique technology of the cartridge swivel, enhance the reliability of your hydraulic system, extending its service life while effectively eliminating leaks. This means greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

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World-class equipment manufacturers trust us for our unwavering reliability and premium products, including our patented, industry-leading swivel connectors. Our superior technology is patented in 14 countries, distributed in 34 countries, and installed as standard equipment by many machine manufacturers.

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