Research and

Our technical staff works with manufacturers, users, and machine operators. We have developed our products to meet their needs.

We offer in-person and remote support to design and test new applications that meet your specific needs. Technical drawings of our current applications are available upon request.

Our promise is to help you improve your productivity, reduce operating costs, and help protect the environment by reducing leakage.


Taimi products are patented
(or have a patent pending)
in the following countries:

Germany (DE 60 2007 033 880.8), Australia (AU 2007240098 B2, AU 2006326839 B2), Brasil (BR PI0710624-6, BR PI0620175-0), Canada (CA 2.643.950, CA 2.633.103, CA 2.635.821), China ( ZL200780021438.6, ZL 200680052586.X), Finland (EP 2 013 526), France (EP 2 013 526), India (IN 4270/KOLNP/2008, IN 2662/KOLNP/2008), Italy (EP 2 013 526), Mexico (MX 292803, MX 291376), United Kingdom (EP 2 013 526), Russia (RU 2406010, RU 2414642), Sweden (EP 2 013 526), U.S.A. (US 7.938.451, US 8.047.579, US 7.895.716).